About Prosper, TX

About Prosper The family-friendly town of Prosper is dedicated to its commitment to small-town ideals and providing a great quality of life for all its residents. The town of Prosper maintains an excellent reputation as one of the best places to live, work, and raise a family in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The town's affordable housing, low crime rate, and great schools have made Prosper one of the fastest growing communities in the DFW Metroplex.

The area of Prosper offers residents a quality life in a charming small-town community with access to the arts, culture and entertainment of the larger DFW area. The region's high wages and low-cost of living prime the area for an unmatched quality of life. Prosper residents also benefit from the region's mild temperatures and ample sunshine. The great weather positions Prosper as a wonderful place to enjoy year-round outdoor recreation.

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Education in Prosper

Prosper Independent School District - The Prosper Independent School District is committed to the development and graduation of motivated and academically prepared individuals. The District is dedicated to improving its graduates' strength of character so that they may become contributing members of a progressing and ever-changing society. The ISD maintains high expectations of its students while providing quality instruction, and establishing a safe learning environment.

Home to over 6,000 students the ISD is committed to providing an exceptional education to all of its students. Prosper is home to many wonderful schools, including five top-notch elementary schools, two middle schools, and one highly-rated high school. The schools within the ISD's control are known for their outstanding quality. The school district's elementary and middle schools have all earned an exceptional rating and the district's high school merited a 9 out of 10 on its Great Schools Rating.

Living in Prosper, TX

The family-friendly town of Prosper is ideal for those in search of small-town charm in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The town's great schools, wonderful parks, great neighborhoods, and beautiful homes make Prosper a wonderful community to call home.

The Town of Prosper strives to provide a wide array of opportunities for activity and recreation. With over 350 acres of recreational facilities and open spaces, Prosper invites all its citizens to take part in the many wonderful recreational activities available within the small community.


  • Boyer Park
  • Cedar Grove Park
  • Eagles Landing Park
  • Fire Station Park
  • Folsom Park
  • Frontier Park
  • Hays Park
  • Main Street Park
  • Pecan Grove Park
  • Preston Lakes Park
  • Town Lake Park
  • Whitley Place Park



The DFW area is home to many professional and semi-professional sports teams. The athletics community in the DFW area is strong and the commitment to excellence is evident in the enthusiastic crowds who regularly attend the area's seasonal sporting events. The DFW area is home to the cowboys, the Stars and one of the NHL's best hockey teams.


Cultural Arts

The DFW area is known for its strong cultural arts community. Opportunities to enjoy the area's arts range from openings in art galleries to concerns in symphonic halls. The many opportunities available in the area's vibrant arts culture offers enjoyment to those of all ages.

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History of Prosper

The area's first settlers arrived in 1846. The first settlers to make their home in the area that was to become to Prosper, settled in the developing agricultural region with the promise of fertile land in an area where cotton was king. The area that is know today as Prosper was originally the site of two separate towns. The communities of Rock Hill and Richland were the former homes of Prosper's earliest residents. In 1902, the communities merged with the arrival of the St. Louis and San Fransisco railroads to the area. The merge unites the two small communities into the town that is today known as Prosper. Today, Prosper is a small but growing community, home to over 100 businesses, and a growing number of families.

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