About Celina, TX

Celina, Texas is a small farm and ranch town located on the outskirts of Dallas. This ranch community is home to about 6,000 residents as of the 2010 census, far past the roughly 1,000 residents according to the previous census in 2000. This town has replaced skyscrapers and large industrial parks with rolling hills and gentle terrain that is still filled with farmland and ranches. It is known for its picturesque landscape and the feeling of living the small-town lifestyle while staying within an hour's drive from Dallas. Most people who own property in Celina know that the commute that most make to Dallas for work is well worth the quiet and solitude that they find in their chosen small-town lifestyle. If the quiet life is what you have been looking for, then you need to contact the Robertson team today so they can get you started on the hunt for your new farm, ranch, or simple home that you have always wanted.

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Education in Celina

One of the most important things that everyone wants to know when relocating is the schools. How are the test scores, what are their graduation rates, what about sports? These are questions that parents ask about any school they are considering sending their kids to because they know that the school that you pick for your child to attend will mold them into the life that they are going to live as adults. You want a school where they are encouraged to excel, where their natural talents are seen and encouraged and where you know they will be safe throughout the day. The Celina Independent School District consists of 4 schools. The elementary school serves kids from preschool to grade 2, then intermediate school serves grades 3-5, the middle school hosts 6-8 grade, and the high school 9-12. At the high school level, there are 600 students enrolled in a typical year with 52 full-time teachers making the student-to-teacher ratio just over 1:11, one of the best in the state. Students who attend high school here often go on to college and typically test on the average scale for the nation which is a true achievement for a small-town school. Parents report that they are often pleased with the education, safety, and resources that are available to their children at this small-town school.

Living in Celina, TX

The Celina Parks and Recreation Department strives to ensure that there is something for everyone to enjoy; from little league flag football to adult co-rec softball, they offer sports leagues for every sport, every skill level, and all ages. Additionally, there are many parks that are well maintained for enjoying the nature trails and available pavilions for your next picnic. Through the website, you can see what each park has to offer and reserve a pavilion as well. On top of the sports and parks, there are also senior activities put on by the parks and rec department to ensure that the older residents maintain their independence and keep an active lifestyle.


This is the next most important thing that is asked when considering relocation; how will we make a living and will it be a good one? Most people think that to live in a small town they need to choose between a good job and the small-town lifestyle but this is not the case here. In Celina, you are less than an hour away from Dallas where you will find a multitude of employment opportunities from top manufacturers and high-end tech companies. In Dallas, you will find steady work coupled with financial stability that is not often found in any small town.


History of Celina

Celina Texas has always been a small town. Served by just two gas stations for decades, it was not until the early 2000s that the Sonic restaurant was noted as the first fast-food restaurant in town. This was followed by a Brookshire grocery in 2005 and then Mcdonald's arrived in 2011. There are still no strip malls or large box stores making this town the ideal small town that many people desire. It's a safe community where kids are still taught their southern manners and hospitality. The history of Celina remains intact, allowing residents to enjoy the way that life used to be in the south before it became the hot place to be.


When you are looking into the Lonestar state and that southern, down-home country lifestyle, look no further than Celina. Here you will find ample employment close by, a cozy town that you can call home, and quality schooling for all kids. Contact the Robertson team today to get the ball rolling for your new small-town life.

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