About Plano, TX

Located in the Northeastern corner of Texas is one of the most beautiful and prosperous suburbs in the Lone Star State. Plano Texas is not only rich in history but rich in wealth and education. It is a suburb that has been named the best place to live in the western United States not once but three times by CNN Money magazine. This is not the only achievement this town has been awarded by the prestigious magazine, Plano has also been named as the 11th best place in the entire country as well as the safest city in the United States by Forbes twice: 2010 and 2011. Plano is known as one of the best places in Texas to raise a family and enjoy a simple life while being entertained by the big city. If you have been looking for a place to call home where you can have a little bit of everything, then Plano is the place for you. Contact the Robertson team, your local Plano realtor today so you can start your search for the perfect single-family homes in Plano TX.


Plano's History

You cannot live in a place until you have a general understanding of where it came from; the roots of the town. Plano is rich in history. Settlers built various industrial facilities in the 1840s, including a sawmill, gristmill, and eventually a country store all of where the town lies today. While it took many years to settle on an official name, Plano received its name based on the terrain that surrounds it as Plano translated in Spanish means “flat.” Once the name was settled the town was then able to send and receive mail services and the town began to grow. The city was incorporated in 1873, just one year after the railroad came to town. The growth continued as schools came to town and more businesses but it was not until the 1980s when many large corporations like J.C. Penny came to town that the growth really exploded into what is now a population of 250,000 residents.

Schools in Plano

The education system in Plano is known as one of the top school systems in the country and they have the test scores to prove it. In fact, the graduation rate of 93% in 2010 is considered an extremely high graduation rate for any public school system. Additionally, included in those graduates were 128 national merit semifinalists; one of the most prestigious designations for any high school senior. Many blame the success on the low student-to-teacher ratio (14:1) while others believe it is the unique structure of the high school system. Those students in 9-10 grades attend high school while 11-12 are separated into a totally different senior high school. In addition to the state-of-the-art public school system, Plano also offers choices in private schools as well for those who choose to educate their children in the Catholic School System.

Higher Education

Once kids finish high school, they often have to move far away from home to attend a good college but not in Plano. Plano offers both a two-year community college and 2 four year universities. Collin College offers two campuses for students in Plano while Southern Methodist University offers various programs in business, engineering, education, and more. Dallas Baptist University also offers a satellite campus in Plano complete with housing, counseling offices, and many different college degree programs.


Life in Plano

The city of Plano is always finding ways to connect residents, from community-sponsored events to the abundance of programs available through the Parks and Rec department and of course, the Plano Center, a state-of-the-art center that offers events, shows, and catering. The city offers a complete list of events on its website. Here, you will find what is going on in your community and you will be able to upload the current calendar to your Outlook or iCloud so you will never miss an event.

Parks and Recreation

The city has nothing without its youth and Plano ensures that the future of the youth is a healthy one. From adaptive sports for special needs residents to a full gymnastics program and a wide range of outdoor sports, there is at least one, often more than one, activity for every child. These sports help them to have a competitive spirit and a sense of what it is like to function as a team; traits that will stay with them well past their youth. For a full list of everything that Plano Parks and Rec has to offer, check out their website.

Big Business is Good Business

CNN Money named Plano the wealthiest town in America while in 2008 the Census Bureau verified the findings by comparing the city's median income with other cities in the country. This wealth is believed to be mainly because of the steady employment throughout the town. Big companies like Bank of America, Frito-Lay, Toyota USA, and Dell, just to name a few, have their corporate headquarters in Plano where each employs over 1000 employees. These companies offer competitive wages, hefty benefits packages, and steady employment for those who live in and around Plano which makes this city one of the best cities to raise a family.

If a hometown that is filled with steady employment, state-of-the-art education, and a wide range of activities is something that you thought you would only dream about, then you have not looked at home listings in Plano Texas. The awards say it all, this is the best city to live, work and play in. So, if you want fun and wealth in a city that is known for decent climates, then look no further than Plano TX. Contact your local real estate agents, and The Robertson Team today through email, phone or just stop by. They are ready to help you find out more about community information in Plano, TX, and find the property that is everything you have dreamed of, and more.

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